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A New Collection of Carvings online now.

Our feature artist Etidloi Adla has an updated biography and several beautiful bear carvings in his latest collection. Graceful diving bears balanced to perfection, dancing bears full of life and movement and walking bears with a strong purpose.

Cape Dorset has gone through its own transformation as the people of the community have voted to return to the traditional name of Kinngait. Cape Dorset was a name the community was given about 400 years ago by an English explorer. Kinngait means ‘mountains’ and there are mountains close by called Kinngait Range.

The artists of Kinngait have been expressing their abilities through stone for generations. Isa Oqutaq celebrates tradition with his focus on the inuksuk. Toonoo Sharky tells stories of transformation through his sculptures. Pudlalik Shaa celebrates form and movement with his Arctic wildlife carvings. Joanasie Manning’s stone owls acknowledge the importance of community and survival. Pitseolak Qimirpik explores new forms and brings a fresh perspecitve. Many Cape Dorset artists have contributed to our collection this year including Mathew Flaherty, Ning Ashoona, Kelly Etidloie, Pitseolak Qimirpik, Ottokie Samajualie, Markoosie Papigatok, Tony Oqutaq, Alashua Sharky, Isacie Petaulassie, Kiliktee Kiliktee, Taqialuk Nuna, Samonie Shaa, Johnnysa Mathewsie, Ottokie Aningmiuq, Adamie Qaumagiaq and Quaraq Nunguitusuk.

We have the most recent Inuit carvings from Kinngait formerly known as Cape Dorset. Many of the Inuit sculptures have been carved within the last few months made from soapstone or marble that is mined from stone quarries on the South Baffin Island coast. We have carvings by Kelly Etidloie, Ashevak Adla, Toonoo Sharky, Joanasie Manning, Ning Ashoona, Pudlalik Shaa, Noah Jaw, Markoosie Papigatok, Ottokie Ashoona, Tony Oqutaq, Ottokie Samajualie, Isacie Petaulassie and many others. Our Inuit art sculptures are shipped directly to you from Kinngait, Nunavut, Canada.   Have a look around online or come on out to Kinngait to view the sculptures in our gallery.

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