Samonie Shaa

Samonie Shaa

(1995 – ) | Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada

Samonie is a promising young talent who began carving when he was 9 years old.  The oldest of his siblings, Samonie has watched and learned from his maternal grandfather Aqjangajuk Shaa and his father Isacie Petaulassie.  When Samonie began carving, he started with inukshuks for 7 years, and has been carving bears for about 3 years.  Samonie worked with Malittuk Akesuk and Qavavau Shaa at times when he began carving.  They taught him how to make inukshuks and showed him ways to improve the details of his carvings.  Samonie regularly helps Isacie by filing and sanding his carvings.  Samonie is an excellent sander and his father feels he is the best at finishing a piece.  He spends time with his dad and his grandfather observing, helping and asking questions and his style is a result of these influences.

Before Samonie begins carving, he envisions what he would like to make based on the shape of the stone.  He finds making dancing bears the easiest, though he has also experimented with making seals and a small jet with wheels 3 years ago.  His work has fluidity and movement; it is amazing how quickly he was able to learn how to carve polar bears.  He admires the work of his father and grandfather, who have inspired him to pursue a carving career.  He hopes to further his career by selling more carvings and improving his skills.

Name spellings include Samonie Shaa, Saimonie Shaa

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